Is that… a Shapeways box?

August 3rd, 2012

Really? Really?! And yes, it was. After a long, long time of waiting that seemed to last for ages -with the perception of fleeting time being exponentially increased by the excitement of ‘first order’-, they were delivered. My very own designs, 3D printed, out into the real world, courtesy of Shapeways. Woohoo!

…And that’s when the real work began. Rebuilding the room into a make-believe film studio, camera, lights, action! Unpacking, looking, feeling, evaluating, editing, trying to ignore the awkward feeling of seeing yourself on video. Photographing, writing, prepping the website for launch, we were busy day and night.

And now…

Time for a celebration, the Mezmera Design website is online!

Time to celebrate!

Once upon a time…

August 3rd, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a mind. Inside it, there were little sparks busily flying around. Inspiration, concepts, images, small ideas, big ideas. So many of them that they needed to get out. Out into the real world.

Then, there was a company. A company that wanted to give minds like this an outlet. Bringing out all those ideas flying and buzzing around. Out of the minds, into the real world.

Sounds like a fairy tale? Guess again.

Currently, I am in the process of getting familiar with the amazing opportunities that 3D printing has to offer. It’s an exciting road to be on. Here, I write about my endeavours.

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